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About the Method:

Divided into 4 separate volumes or 1 complete book, you'll get 400 pages of exercises, studies, etudes, musical treats and lots of tips & tricks, that covers all areas of the different techniques that you need for being a confident and strong contemporary trumpet player.

The object has all the way through this project been, to work music into all execises - even double & triple tounguing exercises. That way your practice always will have a musical purpose.

The story behind the project: 

After years of just playing and performing without any practicing, Jan found that he lacked a lot of technique, and started in 2004 to work on improving his game. It worked for him - so it can also work for you. After 8 years of hard work, his method book is now available for all trumpet players who wants to improve - and have fun at the same time.

About the Author:

Jan Glaesel is one of Denmarks finest and most asked for trumpet players. Being a freelance musician for almost 35 years, he has developed a technique that masters all the different styles, ranging from Classical to Jazz, Pop and Rock.

At the age of 56 his own method has made him a stronger, much more confident and more consistant than ever, and he's still improving his game - day by day.

Best regards and let´s practice

Jan Glaesel - January 2015
     Reviews from  trumpeters :

Per Nielsen 
Solo Trumpet
Sønderjyllands Symphony Orchestra:

"This is the most musical method book I've seen in a long time. Even the tonguing exercises are musical..."

Gary Cordell 
trumpet player Las Vegas, Nevada:

"For any serious trumpet player, this book is a "must-have". Jan's experience in all aspects of being a modern trumpet player - commercial, jazz, classical, etc. comes together here. The most comprehensive method book for trumpet that I have ever seen. Everything that you will ever need"

Nikolaj Viltoft 
Solo trumpet 
Royal Danish Opera:

"Improve Your Game is an extremely clever trumpet method, that satisfies both your ear and your brain. Jan writes very melodically, and you will quickly find yourself playing things you didn't think you were able to"

Benny Rosenfeld
Tivoli Big Band:

"The "Improve Your Game" method, absolutely works for me. It includes all the good stuff that makes you a better trumpet player. I highly recommend it"

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