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Improve Your Game
is getting a 5 star review in the upcoming issue of
The Brass Herald

Here's some statements:
Written and compiled by the Danish trumpetplayer Jan Glaesel, Improve Your Game is a comprehensive and systematic method for players of all levels……

I was immediately struck that its tone is completely different to most equivalent publications…
It employs an informal, accessible style, almost as if written in a stream of consciousness...
It is wonderfully refreshing…

Improve Your Game will appeal to trumpeters of all ages and abilities and I recommend it unreservedly.

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Here it is!!
The entire book is 400 pages covers all aspects for technique and exercises for trumpet. It will be available as 4 separate volumes or as a complete edition. Above all the main intend has been to get music into all exercises !!

The book will be available as Print On Demand via Also available as iBook for your iPad on iTunes


Here's the story behind the book.

After playing the last show with Linie 3 in 2004, without any plans for new shows ahead - I was at a crossroad with my career . Either I should pack it in playing the trumpet, and focus on all the other options I had in the business, or I should start practicing - for real !! I chose the last option.

Prior to that decision was 25 years just playing gigs and sessions but never any practicing. So during that period of my professional career as a trumpet player - no progress was made - just status quo and wear and tear.

Before entering this journey I challenged myself to play an old Danish folksong in an empty church - an record it !!. In my own ears it sounded like an oil rigger trying to dance ballet  - sad, but true. 5 years later I challenged myself again by taking on a series of classical church concerts - do I have to say with a much better outcome.

From 2004 until today, dedicated and targeted practice has been on the agenda - on a daily basis. All the self-written exercises, studies and Etudes that are systematically put together in this 400 pages method-book. Everything from Warm-Ups over Endurance to Etudes & Musical Tapas covers the needs of every devoted trumpet player for being able to perform better - every day.

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